Being Thin does not Mean I'm Healthy.

7:53:00 PM

I've started signing up for yoga last month. When I heard that its just all-girls, and only like 2 mins walk from home, and early 7am in the morning (when the kids are still sleeping) - I said "Hey this sounds like a good start!" So I thought of giving it a try at first, but didn't expect that I'd actually like it! I guess I underestimated yoga at first. 5mins after the start of class, I was already sweating like crazy and ended up with body aches the next 3 days.

Yoga changed my life after that. I noticed that I look forward waking up and start doing 5 minutes of yoga before the start of the day. I'm not sure how, but I also became more efficient, waking up before the kids, and then doing some house chores, and getting the kids school bags and breakfast ready before they wake up.

And then I started thinking about how sloppy I've been, being married and with the kids, and maybe I should start looking after myself now. And then today, I bought myself a sports bra (and a whole set of yoga attire), and when I was trying out, I looked at myself in the mirror, and realized how my body is out of shape, and how there's tummy fat which makes me look 'unhealthy and sloppy'. I have also gained weight, to a weight that I've never reached before.

Genetically, I am tall and lanky, and since I've slowly changed my wardrobe to be more muslimah-friendly, my attire's been quite lose and baggy and it makes me look even more skinnier. So I always get comments like "Oh but you're so thin after two kids!" and to be honest, I didn't really do anything to get that figure. Thin doesn't mean healthy, and those comments are the ones stopping me from leading a healthy life. I'm too lazy to exercise, I eat a lot of junks, I do not control my intakes because "hey i'm thin"

But today, when I saw myself in the mirror, it hit me a little more. It shouldn't be just yoga. I really should exercise. Yes I'm thin, but its sooo out of shape and it looks like I didn't take care of my own body, which is actually Allah's gift for me. It is an amanah.

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