Working-At-Home-Mom (WAHM) or Mompreneur ?

6:46:00 PM

A LOT has happened from the last time I updated my blog.

We have now moved to our new house, back to Subang Jaya (looks like I cannot seem to get out of this town!) where everything is accessible and nearby. Our place in Shah Alam is now under airbnb (check it out here). Little Luqman will be turning 4 months in 4 more days. Aisya is being such a loving and caring sister, that sometimes it annoys his brother hihi, too much kisses Kakak!

As for me? Oh now, I'm like a Working-At-Home-Mom (WAHM) - or MOMpreneur - whichever fits well.

The idea of moving back to Subang Jaya is because Zaahara's office is here in SS15, Aisya's school is also here, and my parents place is also nearby. The plan post pantang initially was to send Aisya off to school in the morning and then the little one to my mom's, while me and Mr. head to the office to get work done.

During the pantang period, my mom and sister ventured into opening up a dessert bar (check it out here), and so my mom will not be as free as she was with Aisya - and so was her house helper. It was during those times that I knew, things will be different this time around - we will have to be entirely independent.

So what is our daily routine, typically?

Luqman wakes me up for Fajr (yes, the baby is our alarm clock hehe). Around 8am, I wake Aisya up to get her ready for school. About 8.30am, Mr. sends her off to school and then later pick her up at noon. As for me, I sometimes follow him to the office if there's work needed to be done there, or sometimes, I stay home, and work from home. Luqman? Follows me where-ever I go.

I divide my time at home between work, doing house chores, and also spending time with the kids. Since me and Mr. are both running the business at the moment, our responsibilities at home are being shared too. Mr. has been very helpful! - helping out doing the laundry, sweeping and mopping the floor, washing the dishes, and sometimes bathing the kids.

"I need you to help out with Zaahara because it is growing, and I cannot do this myself. So, I will also help out with the house and the kids. We're a team, in the office and at home, " Mr. told me.

Don't I get tired?

Juggling all these is definitely tiring - but I try not to think about it but just do it. We are both growing the company and so sacrifices need to be made until the company is financially stable. And you know what's even tiring? Not having a boss (ha-ha) - not having that person to tell you what to do and that you have to constantly self-motivate and set your own datelines and schedules.

However, we're both enjoying every bit of it! Getting to spend that amount of time with my kids and watching them grow and develop - I wouldn't have it any other way. I also like the fact that I now get to cook for my family (something that I really enjoyed doing back in my uni years and missing when I was working 9-5 in that corporate office) - and provide my child with fresh home cooked food, and monitor her nutrition diet.

To be honest, I got a little off guard when we first moved in. I guess because I was a little pampered before, with the help from mom. And also because it never ever occured to me before, that I will be doing all these housework, ourselves - and then take full care of the kids - ourselves. I just never saw myself to be that kind of person.

Hey, you cannot get everything in this world, can you?

Alhamdulillah, after 2 months, I've also settled to a routine that I'm comfortable with. What's important is that my mindset has also switched and I'm happy with how things are now - alhough still settling in.

However, that thought of hiring a fulltime house helper? Yes, that's still there at the back of my head! Probably 1-2 years down the road insyaAllah.

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