Men's Hijaab - The Beard

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Today, I would like to talk about that piece of cloth that covers my head, the hijaab (or tudung or shawl as some may call it). As some of you may know, I started wearing the hijaab back in 2011. A decision that I made just randomly and suddenly. And then, I removed it that same year.

I wore it again, after getting married to Mr. and Alhamdulillah, now I feel ashamed of even thinking of removing it again. Now, I'm on a journey of really covering my aurat, not just by putting a piece of cloth over my head, but trying my best to dress modestly and decently.

Mr. on the other hand, has been keeping his beard ever since we got married, to practice following the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Both, the beard and the hijaab, is more like an identity we carry as Muslims. Like a uniform.
We both noticed how when we meet another brother or sister with a beard or in a hijaab, we can gladly give our salams - like a secret code to say - hey, we're the same!


Little did I know, Mr. confessed to me a few days ago, "Do you know that I have thought of shaving off my beard a few times before? Especially when the beard is in the growing stage, when it looks all scruffy and messy? Teringin jugak nak rasa macam dulu, looking young and good without the beard,"

It hit me that the same thing happened to me during that first attempt of wearing the hijaab. Teringin rasa macam nak stylo mylo dengan rambut balik, takdalah rasa macam makcik sangat....

My mom confessed the same thing too! Bila I tengok kawan-kawan I semua bergaya dengan rambut, I memang terpikir nak bukak tudung masa baru pakai dulu....

Oh, the challenge you go through when you want to change!

And then when you've conquered your mind, magically, the hijaab and the beard just fits you, and just be apart of you. And then you move on to improving yourself in other areas.

So you know what? Just. Stop. Criticizing. Others. Who. Wants. To. Change.

That self-battle that they have to go through. And even if they fail, keep making doa for them. We all wanna be a better person everyday.

My point here is that both men and women have their own versions of hijaab.

So ladies, lets start dressing up modestly, and men, stop judging the ladies and criticizing them about not covering up properly, and start growing your beard please! That's YOUR hijaab!

May Allah reward us for our intentions and for our istiqomahs in strenghtening our imaan!

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