Yay, she can finally take her meds!

12:15:00 PM

My daughter was down with slight fever last night. (What is it with school and always falling sick?)

Anyways, alhamdulillah, this time around, she can take the medicine straight from the spoon. I remember just about a few months back, we had to force the medicine down her throat through a syringe. I thought that she may have gotten the medicine phobia from Mr. (who still doesn't take pills at 33 years old!) but somehow, deep inside, I knew that its just a matter of what's in your head.

Yesterday, I had to give a little talk to her - telling her that if she wants to get better, she needs to take a spoon of the orange meds. Told her to smell it, "See! Sedap kan bau?" "Yes mummy, like orange!" and then I convinced her that she can straight away drink plain water if she doesn't like the taste. Actually, nothing new, the same things that I've told her before, but it never seem to work. This time around, she said "Ok mummy," and then hesitated again and then said "Ok mummy," again and then opened her mouth.

Of course, there was a little bit of a drama-cough and straight away grabbed for some water - but alhamdulillah, this time around, NO vomitting - thus no need to force the medicine in.

Last night, at 4 am in the morning, my 3 year old daughter woke me up from sleep. She wanted milk and also water. Took her temperature, as expected, temperature increased during the night sleep. Told her that she needs to take another round of medicine. She didn't say much and just opened her mouth. Took a teaspoon of paracetamol, drank some more water, and then finished off a bottle of milk to sleep.

And then, this mummy could not go back to sleep because she has just woken up Baby L in her tummy. He was suddenly actively moving in my tummy.

Preparing me for what's coming in a few weeks I guess?

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