Oh, this pregnancy hormone!

4:59:00 PM

This pregnancy hormone making you do weird things... its real people! Now at my 33 weeks of pregnancy, I get easily annoyed with people around me. I feel like I'm becoming this bitter monster!

It's so tiring to even speak, I can easily get annoyed with people asking me questions, be it stupid or intelligent. There was this one time, Kak Nanny (our helper at home) asked what to cook for dinner, and then when I said "Keluarkan ayam...", she said "semalam sudah ayam....", and then I said "sotong..." and then she said "Takkan sotong saja?" and then that was it, I got annoyed. "Keluarkan je lah ayam tu!" Like wow! Tiger!

And then there's my 3 year old daughter who's in the phase of asking questions. "Why there's no sun today mummy?" "Mummy, animals pakai baju tak? Why tak pakai? Why only human pakai baju?"

"Because that's just how it is Aisya!" Brrrrrrr....

And then Mr. who likes to discuss with me on the business at odd hours, like just before sleep or right upon waking up.. "Ahaa....Hmm..." That is all I can answer and then the next minute, I'm already asleep. Haha.

"Why you so garang?" Mr. would ask me.

"Because you're asking me ridiculous questions....!" I would say.

"Ok, it's the hormone... I get it.."...kesian dia.

"Hah, tau pun..." still not giving in.

Anyways a few days ago, I was feeling a little stressed out because it was a really hot day and I find everyone around me annoying. I guess Mr. noticed and right before our maghrib prayers, he said "Let's go to Mydin and get your Sengkuang Calit"

I don't know what got into me, but I was feeling emotional during solat, and then right after, when I salaam his hands, I cried... I cried so hard. And he just hugged me and said "It's okay, it's just the hormone... just let it out,"

I just cried and cried and said "I don't really know why I'm crying," and then suddenly I smiled. Crazy stuff I tell you this pregnancy hormone!

And then there's my husband, who can be super annoying I feel like strangling him sometimes, and then be this random sweet understanding guy out of nowhere.

So tips to husbands with pregnant wives, always remember, no matter what, your wife wins! She's got a baby inside her. ok! That should give her extra credit. Ngehehehe.

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