How Swimming Can Help Turn Breech Baby

11:18:00 PM

Today, I spent some time in the pool as part of the exercise to turn the breech baby. Out of all the exercises suggested, swimming sounds like a great idea since its something that I love to do. Although, beware, post swimming can be a little bit exhausting for this preggy mummy.

This is what I did today:

  • 10x handstands in the pool - I used to do this a lot before. Somehow being pregnant felt a little bit heavier. Mr. helped to hold my legs so that I could stand vertically on my hands
  • Swimming - moderately so as to not exert myself. Swimming helps to keep body and pelvix loose and relaxed.  This will also help relax the abdominal muscle to give baby more room to turn! 
  • It seems that just staying in the water helps too! Being in deep water will squeeze the fluids in your tissues into your bloodstream and increase the volume of amniotic fluid.
Of course had this cheeky girl with her mummy too. She was helping Mr. to hold my legs upright and then tried doing handstands too - in armfloats! 
So many other things happened today too: watched 'Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2' which was a reminiscing moment of the past! And also met up two potential social media marketing agents to work with Zaahara but somehow, this is still at the top of my head now, this breech baby thing. It worries me, and at the same time reminds me of the ONE greater. 

Please make doa for me please! Till then, goodnight :)

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