Which Mazhab should we follow?

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Last week, during Sheikh Zoubir's weekly classes, I learned something new.
You know how we can be very particular on which Mazhab we belong to, and we should stick to our Mazhab?

During class, a sister questioned, "Sheikh, in Makkah, the imaam does not recite Dua Qunut during subuh prayers. We as the Shafie Mazhab, do we have to do the two sajadahs after solat?"

"No, we must always follow the imaam.. "

"It seems that only the Shafie Mazhab recites the Dua Qunut during Subuh prayers. There are some that says that it is sunnat, so the two sajadahs after solat is not required?"

"In the Shafie Mazhab, dua qunut is sunnatul wajib, meaning if you don't do it, yes, do the two sajadahs (sujud sahwi). Please, just follow what you've been taught. But let's say, you forgot the two sajadahs, its okay. You're not sinning. "

At one point Sheikh said, "Do you know that all the mazhabs are all followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They follow the sunnah, so there is no right or wrong mazhabs,"

The only problem lies within taa'sub followers, even to the extend that they set marriage only within the same mazhabs. We are all Muslims. And we follow the Quran and the practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

And then he shared a story about the companions of the Prophets, during the era of His living. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to the companions "Do not pray Asar until you reach your destination,"

Halfway through the journey, the azaan came. Half of the troops stop and perform the asar prayers, following the prophet's advice on praying on time. The other half continued on and only prayed Asar upon reaching their destination. When the troops met Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), they asked Him, which act is right. And he said "Both are right, because both followed my advice,"

So, you see, even in that era, there's confusions between what's right and what's wrong... what more now, 1400 years after the Hijrah!

His advice: Always be open to the teaching of the different mazhabs. And accept the hadiths of the scholars. Imam Bukhari & Imam Muslims are scholars, 200 years after the era of imam of mazhabs. Be open and accept them all and don't be too taa'sub.

Note: Purely rephrasing and sharing what I learned from Sheikh during the class. I may understand differently. Please, don't quote him. 

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