Do you read storybooks to your child? Or do you tell them bedtime stories instead?

7:45:00 PM

Aisya's Current Age: 3 Years  Baby's Current Age: 29 weeks in womb 

I try to make it a habit to read before Aisya goes to sleep at night to wind her down and also to cultivate the reading habit. However these days, the pregnancy is really getting to me and by 10, I'm yawning away. So sometimes,  Mr. does the reading instead, which he can always last for 5 minutes tops!

You can really see how we're both different, coming from different ways of growing up. When I read the book, I will read each and every word, together with expression and intonation, showing the words as I read. Mr. on the other hand, will somehow skip certain sentences and then asks Aisya on the characters in the book, and then skip the stories and never finish the book! (taknak ikut peraturan ok!) Sometimes I question, why can't you just read the book as it is?

I think last night, he got bored of reading the same book again and again, he just closed the book and said "Okay Aisya, let me tell you a story instead,"

And then he started creating his own fairytale, with Aisya and mummy and ayah in the story, with the little baby coming, and then there's aeroplanes and horses and beaches and hotels. Aisya was mesmerized! Slowly dozzing off to sleep....

And then it hit me. My husband has always been a dramatic guy with a lot of stories and imaginations. He's a dreamer. He will always come out with random "Cuba you bayangkan...." moments with additional characters and all. Of course he would enjoy telling his stories instead of reading a storybook for his child! 

I don't think I'm a storyteller which is why it is easier if I just read the book to her. My impromptu storytelling may only last... say... 2 minutes? I'm the follow-by-the-book kinda person hehe. 

I'm glad that that happened yesterday. I'm glad that I realized now,  how our both different ways can help shape our child to be well-rounded insyaAllah. 

There really isn't a right or wrong way of parenting really. 

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