"Baby in the worm!"

12:10:00 PM

Ever since we had the little one in the tummy, we've been educating the little one outside the tummy on this thing called 'baby'.

So we showed her YouTube videos on how baby is formed and she loves it! She says sperm out loud and keeps on saying "Baby in the worm! (womb)". Mr. sometimes jokes with her and say "Aisya, you were once a sperm too," and she would say "No! Aisya big girl! You sperm ayah!" Lol.

When we brought her to the doctor, her second visit recently, she was excited. She wanted to look at the screen and so did her daddy and so they both argued to give each other a chance to see 'baby in the worm'. "Ayah, Aisya tak nampak...." "Aisya, ayah tak nampak lah..my turn pulak...." 

These days, randomly, she will come to me and ask,

"Mummy, baby dah nak keluar ke?" 

"Not yet Aisya, only when Mummy's tummy gets bigger and bigger, ok?"

"Oh, belum lagi. Okay,"

One morning, she wakes up and say, "Good morning Mummy! Good morning Baby!" and then kisses my tummy.

Sometimes when I get a litttle bit nausea, she would say, "Mummy, mummy ok ke? Mummy nak muntah ke?" and runs away to grab a towel to pass to me. She will then pat my back a few times, asking me repeatedly if I'm okay.

Once, she grabbed some baby toys and put them on my tummy and said, "Mummy, this toy is for baby ok?"

Yesterday morning, I said "Good morning Aisya!" and she replied "No, I'm Kakak Aisya la,"

I'm not too sure who taught her that but it looks like this 2 years old girl is ready to be a kakak already!

Aisya playing with photo props at Sangkaya Uptown on Saturday. Daddy's Little Girl :)

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