Do you dress up at home?

11:44:00 AM

For the past one week or so, I've been lying down on the sofa, while doing some work on my laptop but spending most of my time, watching series. Doc told me to rest and I rested, physically and mentally.

I've completed all three season of Devious Maids..Heeee ;)

I LOVE the series because the ladies are soo hot (eventhough they're maids) and because of the mysterious stories behind every rich family in Beverly Hills.

Somehow, noticed that the westerns make an effort in dressing up, even when they're at home. And then I remembered staying over with an Australian family when I was 12 and they too, take dinner time as a time to sit down with the family, dressed up well, even when its just at home.

They seem to put the effort to look good. And I think that's lacking in a lot of us in Malaysia. It is not our tradition.

We dress nicely to go out but we don't do so at home. At home, we ( or at least me ) are at our sloppiest. I enjoy wearing large tshirts (usually belonging to Mr.) with a pair of loose pants. From dinner time till time to sleep. Mr. wears his sarong or his sweatpants.  Oh my, I feel like we both need to make an effort to look good, at least for our partners!

I know they say that when you're comfortable with your partner, you will start being your real self, wearing things that are comfortable, sharing clothes, going to the toilet with the door open. But you know what, there's really nothing wrong with a little bit of effort, right?

Especially referring to us ladies in hijab. We wear hijab modestly, who says that you need to be modest when you're at home? Which is why Arabs, shop for the sexiest lingerie. And when you see the ladies behind the niqab, they're usually very very pretty, with face all make-up, smelling really good, manicured fingernails...even I can sometimes look at them in awe.  All for their husbands, masyaAllah, how noble is that.

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