O Allah - Lead Us the Way

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Today, its an off day. Just like yesterday, my mood's been a little unstable. Told Mr. that I don't know what's wrong, but I just don't feel like doing anything, I feel lazy and I feel down. Good that he understood it and just said that "You need a break, just do anything, as long as you're happy,"

And then I realized that there's a lot in my mind today and I haven't been writing for such a long time!

A LOT has happened this few months. I've been updating my Instagram quite often as its easier and faster but nothing really feels as satisfying as writing down a post :)

The whole month of Ramadhan, we last minute decided to open up a pop-up-booth in Subang Parade. It was not in the plan, but we had other business friends wanting to join too, and Subang Parade also re-approached us, and so we just did it. Alhamdulillah, that went well, with our telekungs now all sold out, unexpectedly.

I once went to Dr. Azizan's talk, and he did warned, "Don't be shocked, with the right marketing strategy, the demand will be high and your production cannot cope,". Exactly what we're going through now.

We've been getting emails and messages on when we are going to stock up next. Unfortunately, production is a little bit slower than expected (post-raya they say) and I can't help it but to feel restless.

Did we not plan this out properly?

Are we not ready for this?

Or is this part and parcel of a company growing?

We have also just signed a tenant agreement for an office. Our first very own office. It is not under some minor renovation.

A lot of money is needed for all these; new office, production of telekung, company growth (hiring of staffs etc)


Some tell me that we should start pitching for grants. Some also recommended loans but we're all against it. But grants, should we?

Sometimes it feels like we're stuck. But when I read books and articles on successful business, they all get stuck somewhere, but they find a way to get out. It is when you're stuck, that your mind can go and think of the impossible and crazy ideas can pop up. I believe so too, which is why I'm trying to find that way to solve this without getting any additional financial help - or am I being to egoistic? Or just lazy (ha-ha).

O Allah - lead us the way.

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  1. I'm stuck with my writings now haha. Writer's block.

    Ohh the telekungs look awesome. Will you produce it in black colour?

  2. LOL on the writer's block.

    Yes, black travel telekung insyaAllah :)


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