What is your rate of improving yourself?

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I believe that we must constantly upgrade our lives. We must always strive to be a better person than who you are before. Those who are at lose, are those who think too good about themselves, and not wanting to learn. Those who are at lost, are those who are living comfortably within their comfort zones.

What is your rate of improving yourself?

What is it that you do to commit yourself in improving?

Do you read? Do you attend classes? 

How much do you spend monthly or yearly on improving yourself?

Do you wake up and just go through day-by-day and wait for what's next?

You pray 5 times a day. Do you read the same surah everytime? Why not try memorizing another short surah and read it in your next salah?

You cook everyday. Why not improve your cooking by watching AFC on Astro or by trying out different recipes on the net?

Commit yourself to a gym instructor to ensure that you exercise. Or to a weekly aerobic class. Or join a cycling group.

Join a nearby toastmasters club to improve on your public speaking. 

Spend some money on books & knowledge, and spend time on them!

Attend motivational courses, learn a new language, listen to parenting seminar. Sign up for a weekly quranic classes.

Its not about the age. I think older people have a bigger ego in learning. "I've experienced a lot in life, it is now your turn," they'll say to the younger generation. However, the way I see it, they will have an even shorter time, and they are the ones that should be making full use of the final countdown. They will definitely not be buzy with careers and busy lives for sure. So why not improve yourself spiritually? Do more sunnah prayers. Understand the quran. Attend classes. Or go and make that dream that you've always wanted, a reality? Travel? Sewing? Gardening? Drive a fast car? Bungy jumping? (nghehee) No one is going to stop you this time. 

Tell yourself that you need to continuously improve, upgrade, and be better. Its not just about spending time wisely. Its about setting a target to achieve something, and then go on and achieve it!

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