Good Cop, Bad Cop

6:17:00 PM

Last night was our very first time playing Good Cop, Bad Cop with Aisya. Guess who is the Good Cop? ME! ME! :D

Aisya has been quite demanding these days. Having a mind of her own, she wants what she wants. Sometimes after explaining to her why its a NO, she would reply 'Ok!' but sometimes, she just answers back sarcastically, saying back "You!" "Nak!" "Yes!"

So anyways, these past few weeks, she's been requesting the tv before she sleeps. I guess saying okay a few nights, she has naik lemak, and demanding it EVERY night. That's why they say discipline is important I guess.

So last night, I told her No. "It's time to sleep Aisya, no TV," and she kept on crying and crying saying "Nak vivi....nak vivi....," and then Mr. had to say firmly "Aisya, NO!" and she was shocked. Maybe because Mr has always been the playful one. "Mummyy....mummy...." she cried while hugging me tightly.

After a few minutes, she goes back to "Nak vivi...nak vivi....." and then I had to say "Aisya, its time to sleep, nanti ayah marah nanti... " (seee! Good cop, blames the Bad cop ngehehehhe)
And she automatically lies back down to bed! Takut jugak!

After that, she sits up again, and says "Nak vivi....nak vivi....". Mr stood up and say "Aisya, No! It's time to go to sleep! You can watch tv tomorrow!"

Aisya cries loudly and hugs me again tightly... (best gak hehe) and then as I sing some songs to sleep, she was already fast works guys! Someone needs to be the bad cop to be strict, and the other one to be the good cop to calm and soothe her down.

I'm glad I was the good cop! :) :) :)

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