The Scapegoat: Being the Victim of Situation

3:34:00 PM

The drop in oil prices have brought impact to the economy; specifically the oil & gas industry. The company I'm working with now  (leaving in 2 weeks time weeehoooo) decided to scale down the number of employees to cope with this.

A few months back, we have heard of a number of staffs given the option of Voluntary Seperation Scheme (VSS) and took it. It seems to date, more than 40 staffs took the other option, the Mutual Seperation Scheme (MSS).

We are due to receive our annual bonus based on our Performance Management System (PMS) score in a few weeks time. Just 2 weeks back, some employees were given letters informing them that they are now under probation for nonperforming. These employees are not qualified to receive any bonus and were given 2 months to buck up and perform.

It seems that the performance bar for this year has been raised resulting to a number of people purposely being placed in this list, even though they score the same marks as their colleagues. These employees are being scapegoats maybe because they are the least important in the department; or maybe because they have made a mistake before; or maybe simply because his/her boss dislikes him/her.

The way I look at it, the company is trying to cut down their costs on the number of people receiving bonus. They are also trying to run away from paying them VSS/MSS by giving them 2 months probation and telling them in a nice way to look for an alternative job soon. In two months time, they will look at the situation of the oil price and the company and screen through the names again. You will not be released because you're not performing, but because you're not needed. They will find a way to proof it. Saying all this, is of course, just my opinion.

Sounds cruel right? But that is how a corporate company works I guess. Employees are looked as assets/liabilities. When you are not needed, you will be removed.  You are not looked at as human beings who have responsibilities, who have family members to support.

With all this happening, I keep telling myself many many times, again and again, how glad I am to have decided to create my own destiny out there, instead of staying here in this cubicle, listening to instructions and let the company decide when they need me and when they don't.

Employees positions are becoming even more vulnerable, with the Human Resource team monitoring punctuality and discipline. Bosses are working under stress and pressure, screaming and yelling to counterparts and also those below them. Its a mad jungle with wild animals and I'm glad to be leaving all this behind soon.

I pity those who are being victims of this situation. But I believe that Allah knows better. Each one of them will learn that there's a good reason behind all this, either sooner or later. I pray Allah give them strengths.

You know what. At the end of the day, it is God who provides.

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