Aisya & the Quran

6:13:00 PM

A few months back, Mr. wanted to introduce a new habit to our family. He wanted us to learn to love the Quran and learn to connect to this book of Allah. So he makes it a habit that we listen to a few minutes of Quran recitals before we get to listen to anything else on the radio - which is usually the Frozen soundtrack.

The minute we enter the car, Aisya will go "Sing! Sing!" She refers to Frozen as Sing - maybe because she enjoys the scenes of Anna & Elsa singing?

So, anyways, Mr will say "Let's listen to the Quran first Aisya," Initially, she rebelled a little, requesting for "Sing! Sing!" again and then settles down.

Later on, she will reply "Okay...".

We make sure that we do change to her Frozen soundtrack after a few minutes, to make sure she knows that we keep to our promise.

And then suddenly one day, just after we entered the car, Aisya says "A'an! A'an!" - referring to the Quran. MasyaAllah,  the smile on our faces just says it all! :) :) :)

Alhamdulillah, this has also become a habit for all of us too!

Mr. also makes it a point to read the Quran, every single day.  This is actually his second attempt, and alhamdulillah, this time around, it lasts. He even says that sometimes he feels a little bit empty when he doesn't read the Quran for the day.

I've been trying to do the same. But I will result to a few days a week, never really manage to practice it everyday. I envy him for having that connection with the Quran! Lately, he's been reading the tafseers of the surahs too! And he'll come to me and say "Do you know that in this surah......"

As I was getting ready to pray in the Subang Parade surau yesterday, I was shocked to see Aisya walking towards the cabinet and picked up the Quran and she did this:

Sometimes, being the man in the family, the best way to guide your family is really through your actions. Leading by example.

May Allah bless Mr. for this and for many more :)

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