Do what you love.

11:56:00 AM

Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life,

Such an inspiring quote. Making me question even more of what my plan is for the future. 

I now that I should be contributing something to the society with what I do but somehow I don't feel like I'm achieving that with working in this corporate world. The office politics and games, the monopoly of employee... they all just don't feel right. I just feel very strongly that I need to work on something that I am passionate about, something that has a meaning!

Or maybe, its that availability of options to choose from.

Life is too short to waste it on "What Ifs.."... I'll be turning 28 soon, with one young kid and another one coming insyaAllah, so its the perfect time to take risks, before even bigger commitments come along the way. And hey, I'm ONLY 28.. there's just sooo much more that can happen along the way! You wouldn't know if you don't try.

And reading this TOMS book every night before I sleep, just gets to Grrrrrr!

I've been making some duas so that Allah makes it easier for me to decide and show me the right way. When the right time comes, I need to get rid of the fear and have faith.

I have a dream. I have a plan. And it feels like I'm getting closer to achieving it. InsyaAllah.

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  1. Wahhh.. .congrats on ur latest pregnancy dear! May Allah ease everything for you :)


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