5:05:00 PM

A week to go until I'm 3 months preggy, oh my, time flies! Suddenly I'm left with another 6 more months to pop!

Last night, Mr. was away for his office project lesson learnt event in Port Dickson. So I decided to stay over my parents place in Subang. My father wanted to get a haircut in Pyramid and I decided to tag along.

After walking around for about 30 minutes or so, suddenly I felt tired. My tummy started feeling stretched. I was breathless. Felt pain in my pelvic area. Looked down and saw that my tummy was already starting to show. And then, I told myself, "Ahh.. pregnancy. Almost forgot how it felt like,"

Sat down. Relaxed a little. Told myself to take it slow.

Didn't expect to be that exhausted at a very early stage of the pregnancy. Need to ensure that I have enough supplements!

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