Working Mom vs Stay-At-Home-Mom?

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Being a mom, you're always at that crossroads between two thoughts:

1. Should I be staying home and focus on bringing up my child?
2. Should I be working instead?

No matter which path we choose, we will always be questioning whether the grass is greener on the other side. You know why? Because we have a CHOICE. Being the breadwinner is not our main responsibility, so at the back of our head, there will always be that "What if?" At the same time, most of us NEED to work to survive - but at the same time, we know that we have the rights to just quit one day as compared to the man of the family. So we work everyday, thinking, "I'll quit one day...." Haha.

I don't blame all these articles I see people sharing on Facebook on Working Mom vs Stay-At-Home-Mom, because all moms are just indirectly voicing out their 'what ifs'...and yes, beacuse I'm a mom, I get it, and so do all moms out there.

Despite the many reasons moms choose their paths (high monthly commitment, career path, comfortable lifestyle, focus on children upbringing, childcare trust issues, etc.) there will always, always be that slight 'guilt' or 'what if' in them... kesian kan? Like there's no right decision.

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