On Waking Up Early

9:37:00 AM

Me and Mr are in this new spirit to start waking up early. Because we believe that that should be the right islamic way. We usually sleep late settling Zaahara's work. So instead, we try to: Sleep early, wake up early, tahajjud, do Zaahara work in the morning, solat subuh and then start preparing for the day.

Of course when I say 'we' here, I mean, the both of us. However it seems that Mr. has been the more productive one with this new routine. For the past 2 weeks, he's been waking up early and even going to the mosque for his Fajr prayers and read t Quran - masyaAllah where does he get this strength from? I can only wake up 30mins earlier than my usual time and always 'half-awake' walking to the bathroom to take my wudhu'. And I always say, "Aisya bangun banyak kali semalam... tak cukup tido... tak larat nak bangun," when he wakes me up. Excuses!

Nevertheless, I still manage to wake up earlier than my usual time and alhamdulillah, my mornings haven't been that chaotic. Today, we manage to have some breakfast together and by 8.30 sharp, I'm already at my desk.

This is all thanks to this inspiring article here. She makes it sound so possible!

Hmm... if only there's coffee shops that open as early as 6am, kan layan? Can have my cuppa latte early in the morning instead of those at nights. Hmm but lattes in Malaysia are soooo overpriced! I miss Sydney. Mamak, nescafe tarek satu!

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