On Anmum Materna. On pregnancy supplements.

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I've heard so many different reviews on the intake of these pregnancy milk powder - Anmum, Enfamama, Nestle's Mom & Me, etc. Some say that they're good supplements for the brain development and physical growth of child in the tummy. Some say that the milk powder has high sugar content, thus not recommended for those with diabetes. Others say that these milk powder will not just make the baby size grow too big but can also the mother to gain weight.

To be honest, I haven't been that discipline and consistent when it comes to taking supplements. At the moment, I'm on these supplements, prescribed by the doctor:

1. Neurogain PB - concentrated fish oil which according to some of the articles I've read, it is important for the child's brain development - high IQ it seems. More here & here.

2. Calcium tablets - every pregnant women knows how important it is to have sufficient amount of calcium in our diet. We need 1200mg calcium per day; which is about 4 servings per day. Since the malaysian average daily meal doesn't include high amount of calcium, it is normal for doctors to give us calcium tablets as supplements.

3. Sangobion -basically contains needed nutritions like iron, folic acid, vitamin C etc.

4. Iron tables - because according to the blood test I had in my 4th month of pregnancy, I have low amount of iron in my blood. 

So anyways, yesterday, I bought the Anmum Milk Powder because I think I'm going to try to give the best to my baby. I'm not that discipline with my tablets and I foresee that I won't be that discipline with the Anmum drinks too but at least, I'm trying to cover here and there, wherever I can. Plus, I've only gained 1.5kg from my last checkup so now at 6 months, I've only gained a total of 4kgs throughout my pregnancy. Doctor said that the baby's weight is perfectly fine so it's just me who's not gaining any weight, which is good in a way. So I don't have to worry about the weight or the sugar intake, I can just take supplements to add up the nutrients, there's nothing wrong about it. 

Truth is, if you take good care of your diet, you really don't need Anmum at all. 

Other than the supplements, I consciously tell myself to eat healthy so I take fruits and vegetables a lot and I try my best to include milk in my diet wherever I can - drink one glass in the mornings, eat cheese & yogurt whenever I can, make milkshakes, take ice cream etc. 

Its not that easy you know, making yourself discipline with the food intakes and the supplements. And everyone you meet will always recommend to eat so many different things which are good for pregnant  ladies - pomegranate, apricots, honey dew, watermelons, dates, honey, and I wonder, when do I eat all these? Like do I have to be eating all the time? Jeeezzz. 

Oh btw, I was a bit skeptical on how milk powder will taste as I've always been drinking fresh cow milk. Anmum is not so bad after all. Tastes like a hot chocolate drink. 

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