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People keep on asking me, "Are you sure you're pregnant? There's no bump!" that it made me ask Dr Delaila the other day, "Is it normal that I don't LOOK pregnant?" and she giggled, "Don't worry dear! It's your first pregnancy and the truth is, those gaining weight at this period of the pregnancy are actually gaining their own weight! Not the baby's!" Fuhh...such a relief. She also told me that losing 1-2kgs during the first trimester is normal. Now that I'm entering my second, I should be eating more.

The truth is my tummy hasn't been growing at all, hihi. I only noticed some growth this week, that I started feeling uncomfortable wearing pants. So I bought a pair of maternity pants for work and now prefer to wear maxi dresses to work too. My tummy doesn't look big, but it feels like it has stretched out a bit. 

I may be lucky enough for not having sickness during my pregnancy however my butt hurts a lot! It hurts a lot when I sit, when I lie down and hurts even more in between sitting and standing, and when turning over in bed, like an old lady!  I've even bought a water pillow to office and put it on my chair to decrease the pain. I've read that this may be called pelvic girdle pain, caused by unlocked pelvic - due to some hormonal changes during pregnancy. 

I once told mom, "Can you forgive me for my sins? I now know how hard and painful it is being pregnant..and then can you pray for my pain to go away?" and she laughed about it and said "Every mother  goes through it laaa...sabar je, it will go away once you've delivered..."

My colleague told me that "Masa mengandung ni lah, penghapus dosa-dosa, jadik sabar je lah..lagi 6 bulan je.." so I'm now looking at it that way, a more positive approach :) :)

You either get this or that, no matter what, you'll still go through something during pregnancy, that's the sacrifice of every mother.. so friends, pls treat your mothers well ok!

Anyways, other than that, everything else has been going well! Alhamdulillah! My appetite's been good, I'm always active, no health issues. 

Mr's been great too! Such a caring husband, I tell you! I feel so lucky to be married to him, I've been thanking Allah! He's been fulfilling my food cravings, always reminding me to eat healthy, and read the Quran, and always remind me to pray for the child. He takes care of my feelings, trying his best to not make me angry, not even a little bit. "Your emotions will affect the baby, so lets try our best to keep it stable ok?" he said. The truth is, during pregnancy, any small little thing can make me cry....so so emotional! Blame it on the hormones! Hihi.

Syukur, alhamdulillah, for everything :) :) :)

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