Nausea no more.

1:52:00 PM

Other than those two days, I've been doing great! I feel nausea and lethargic sometimes, but that's just it. I haven't been vomiting since.

I've learned a few tricks to help my body control the nausea. Different people have different ways and different stages of nausea. For me, these seem to work:

  • Drink juice! Orange or apple works for me because of the slight sour taste. 
  • Cold Lipton Ice Lemon Tea!
  • Always ensure that my tummy is filled up. When I'm hungry, the gas in the tummy can really lead to vomiting. 
  • Don't eat too much. 
  • Get my mind occupied. When in the office and I'm all focus on work, somehow I don't feel like vomiting that much. 
  • Avoid crowded stuffy places. 
  • Always remember to rest. 
I really hope that the coming weeks will be better and better insyaAllah :)

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