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Last 2 weeks, I tested positive on the home pregnancy test, however when we visited a nearby family clinic, the doctor could not see any sac (i.e space) in my uterus. I was supposed to be 5 weeks then. The possibility of a false positive test is very low, and we did the urine test twice - both showed positive results. However, there was also a possibility of a miscarriage. So i was quietly worried.

"Come back next 2 weeks, and we'll do another ultrasound scan on your tummy," said the doctor.

So we left the clinic, not too sure if it was good or bad news. However to both our parents, positive urine test is of course good news! So you can imagine all the 'what-to-eat' and 'what-not-to-eat' warnings I get. "Make sure you don't jump around too much, don't go to the gym! Swimming is okay. Don't go up the stairs too many times...yadda yadda yadda." Truth is, the first trimester is the most sensitive period of the pregnancy, where 30% end up in miscarriages.

So, reluctantly, I followed their advices. It seems that everyday, I learn something new that I CANNOT do or eat. But I trust them, as they're more experienced than I am. Petua nenek moyang, ada baiknya kalau diikut! 

I started having constipation and fatigue - but I was eating well alhamdulillah. However, last 2 days, the  nausea and vomiting started. I vomited every thing I ate. So today, I was totally flat out.

This morning, we had our first appointment with the gynecologist at Sime Darby Medical Center (SDMC). I chose Dr Delaila Ahmad as I've heard a lot of good feedbacks about her! I was praying hard that everything was okay, that the doctor could see the embryo in my uterus.

Turns out that I have inverted uterus. Which is why nothing can be seen through the abdominal ultra scan. Dr Delaila conducted a vagina scan and we saw the baby, with a heartbeat! 7 weeks today :) :) :)

That dark area is the sac. And the embryo is in the small white circle area. 

Many of my family members and close friends have learned of this good news. Some are telling me that I shouldn't tell everyone else until I pass the first trimester, the most sensitive part of the pregnancy.

I've decided to write about it here. I'd like to keep this as a diary. If you'd like to spread the news, go ahead. I will not be officially announcing it, whoever knows, knows then :)

Please pray both me and my baby will go through the first trimester fine. I put my faith in Him.

Oh my, motherhood coming soon!

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  1. Congratulations!!! InshaAllah, in this Holy month of Ramadhan your prays will be answered. Keep praying everything will be GOOD!

    Take care!

  2. Thank you dear :) Salam Ramadhan to you yah!

  3. Please pray hard that,Dr Delaila will recover ASAP.
    Only Allah can help her and strong support from her family,friends and public.


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