The Heart.

1:28:00 PM

I believe that the heart is the most important part of a person.

A person with a good heart. You see them around. They don't talk much about others, they always look very calm and peaceful, very honest. They don't have grudge or jealousy towards others.

Religion doesn't determine the heart of a person. Piousness doesn't determine the goodness of the person's heart. People always wrongly perceive that just because a Muslim drinks, he's a bad person..and just because he person prays 5 times a day, he's a good person.

I've attended various different Islamic lectures and sometimes, the speaker advises you to do good by putting others to shame, by talking bad about others, saying that 'these' are examples. And when you leave, you just don't feel the vibe of positiveness, that feeling of doing good. I sometimes see them as hypocrites. But I think its just because they don't have a clean heart.

I believe that the goodness in someone is the reason Allah opens up his/her heart. When you do good to others, people will always pray for you. That is why sometimes you see even the naughtiest person, but with a really good heart, can just one day, decides to be closer to Allah.

But when you heart is full of hatred and jealousy.. that's when you will always find faults in others, you will never be satisfied with what you have, you compare yourself with everyone else, you're self conscious, you tend to be're just not contented.

A small spot of blackness in the heart can grow bigger and bigger and just be apart of you, without you even realizing it.

I love being around good-hearted people. Their happiness keeps me happy too. And I know I'm not being judged. I know they're honest in being themselves and in whatever they say. They don't make things up, they don't try to fake their own personality. Their confidence just lifts me up.

We all need to clean our hearts once in a while. But the question is how do we do that?

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