2 weeks of not smoking

9:23:00 PM

I woke up at 5am in the morning and I had some difficulty in breathing. I prayed Isya' and slept again. Woke up and felt something is going to be wrong with me. Sick?

Well, in the office, i was a little quiet today. In the morning, my boss came over to me and ask me how's your lung? I'm like, what? my lung? Oh, I just said I'm not feeling that good. He said that there's nothing wrong with me (he knows I am quitting my ciggies). It's all in the head. I just sit and listen to the old man babbling.

He called me to his room and was giving me some words of advise.

1. You started smoking because you want to be the macho man. Puffing here and there and acted like you are a man. (well, this happens to most guys/ gals).
2. The cigarette can lead to impotence one day. (I head about this when I was young).
3. My wife loves me and that's why she is asking/ persuading me to quit. (ok, for whatever reason it is, it is for something good. I'll do it and I am still doing it).

Well, today is my 2nd week of quitting. Not bad actually. This time I am quitting for real. Should be.

So far, I managed to control the urge to smoke. My ways of controlling the urge is :-

1. Eat less/ eat before I get full.
2. Drink loads and loads of plain water.
3. Start exercising - well, it ain't easy but I am trying my best to exercise. Hopefully this will be my changes in the coming months.
4. Don't talk about cigarette. You talk, you are missing it. DON't talk. I am doing that and so far it works.

My ultimate goal is to quit smoking as I believe it can give me a lot of motivation in my life. Quitting something that you like is like sacrificing some part of your life isn't it?

Pleasure is eternal. You develop and you invest in eternal happiness.
Don't be cheated and fooled by the society and media.

You create you life. Whatever happens in the past is for you to create a better history. Mourning is for sore losers. Wake up. Be the man!

We are the champion.

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  1. Woot woot! Keep up the good work! Katakan "Tak Nak!"!


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