This is not quarter life crisis right?

1:38:00 PM

There's really gotta be more meaning to life. Everyday, I wake up in the morning, head to the office, do some work and then head back home. Something just doesn't feel right.

Yes, I'm growing well in terms of my career, I've been exposed to a lot of different knowledge, bosses love me, final work product is good...and for all that, Alhamdulillah.

But really, do I want to live my life just working my a** off everyday for some other people? For all you know, they're just sitting down, analyzing the market, and meet up people for business opportunities and they earn much much much more. I've always known that I do not want to be in the corporate world. Even if I'm the CEO or COO or CFO of a particular company, so what? I will still be cracking my head for someone else's glory, right?

I want to be able to working my a** off for my own success, my own business. I want to be able to have my own flexible working time, so that I can distribute my time well for my family. Money is not the issue. Money (rezeki) and opportunities are abundant everywhere, its just up to how creative and hardworking you are to manipulate them. You can earn money in many ways, and being the slave to the politics of a corporate company is not it for me.

There's just no satisfaction. I've been running out of motivation to work lately. I'm not too sure if its the industry that is no fun or the money or that I don't have passion or interest in what I work on. I just need to contribute to the society. I need to make and see changes. I need to have a purpose in this world.

I need to start working on something that can bring wealth and also positive changes in people's life: a duo package.

Everyone is born with a purpose. What is yours?

This is not quarter life crisis right?

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