The rise again of the fallen champ!

11:08:00 AM

"Just Do It" , " Nothing is impossible" "Run Baby Run"...How many times have we heard all this? But why is it hard to just get up and start exercising? Why? I don't get it!

People who are already in that lifestyle will not find it hard as it is part of their life. For someone like me who has stopped for quite some time do feel the tense. Seriously I am starting to feel annoyed looking at myself. Honeymoon after married can be fun and enjoyable but if there is no control in terms of food, yeah, food, you'll gain weight as fast as the Japanese bullet train. It's so damn easy to gain weight but it ain't easy to lose weight.

Well, I think I need to draw a line now. Either now or never. 

I'm gonna be 29 by 15/4/83 which is a week away from now and I am making a new resolution. 
Start hitting the gym, eat healthy and work smart for career. Playing in life is fun but I don't want to be left behind as compared to those high achievers. 

I don't want to be driving a beemer with 20kg's extra at the tummy. People used to say "it's the sign of prosperity". - Nope! Not anymore.

Champions are made in the kitchen. I gotta agree with this statement. My best motivator is my own wife.

"Win" - Adrian from Rocky II. That was just the statement spoken to Rocky before his fight against Apollo.

Wow. 3 words that can inspire someone so badly. 

So what is my motivation?

I am number 1. I am the winner. I am the champ! - well, these are statement I spoke to myself.

Hopefully, my coach aka my wife will have something to say to inspire me to be the new modern Rocky!


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