Process of making babies

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When couple get married, everyone is expecting the newly wed to have babies immediately.  This will come eventually from the parents. Me and my partner is entering our two months period and there is no sigh of babies   yet. What I learned is babies is actually a sign of 'rezeki'. Couples can plan but eventually God Almighty decides it. Sometimes I will make some jokes when people ask when will u be having babies. My reply will be, u take the phone and ask God directly.

Now I truly understand the pressure for some couples who have no babies. They want it badly but still no signs of babies. Surroundings can't be expecting too much as it can lead to pressure to the newly weds or any couples itself.

Illegal relationship produces more babies then the legally married couples. It's so true though.

So conclusion is, DO NOT PUT HIGH HOPES and HIGH EXPECTATIONS for the newly wed as it can create some moments of unhappiness if there is no news yet.

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  1. Alamak Erin! Ppl dah tny you psal babies ke? Scary.. baru 2 bulan korang kahwin... chill la dulu.... take your time....InsyaAllah, you'll get your gift from the Almighty.. The time will come.. ;)

  2. haha..yah..biasa lah tu. btw this was written by anas. aritu on fb, he was writing something like "tunggu my junior nnti..." n then suddenly timbul gossip that im pregnant kt his department. im very ok, no pressure at all, baru 2 months maaa..we're still honeymoon-ing!! heee

  3. owh haah.. Ler... Kalau die yg post kat FB asal la tulis post cani.... klakar la anas ni....

  4. apa yg kelakar nadrah? nanti u dah kawin taulah u...


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