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10:22:00 AM

Talking about pregnancies, I've been making a joke when people ask me if I'm pregnant yet.."Anas is the one who is already 3 months pregnant!"..because he really has gained a bit of weight there, especially at his tummy!

He stopped going for bootcamp classes & gym and haven't been controlling his eating well and there you go! 

So for the past 2 weeks, I've been doing healthy meals for him: chicken wrap for breakfast (no sauce! no cheese!), usually comes with salad/fruits. Lunch: only small portions. Dinner: no rice! As for snacks, bought some bananas and oatmeal cookies for him to munch whenever he's hungry in the office. OMG, he just loves to  munch all the time that it's important to get him healthy snacks.

Sometimes in the evenings, he'll jog or swim or hit the gym. 

While loosing weight is the primary objective, subsequently we want to establish a healthy lifestyle. Thus, every action that we take, needs to be moderate, so that it is sustainable. Pushing too hard will only last till you reach your primary objective, and the pooffff! back to the unhealthy lifestyle which may in the end, lead you to gaining back your weight. 

INITIATING healthy lifestyle is NOT EASY! Firstly, healthy food costs more and unhealthy food always tastes good! To exercise, discipline and commitment is needed. But we need to do this! We've generated this unhealthy-making us sick- lifestyle from growing up and we just need to generate a new lifestyle! A healthy one!

The key is MODERATE. Don't have to quit eating rice. Don't have to say NO to Baskin Robbins. Just have less. Don't have to run 15km EVERYDAY. Don't push and punish yourself too hard that you find it suffering and unsustainable. You need to enjoy the ride! 

I on the other hand, never been loosing or gaining weight, thus my only aim is to practice healthy lifestyle, while subsequently toning my flabby parts of my body AND also to support my darling husband in achieving his goals.
Mr's aim is to firstly loose weight, which needs a little bit of some extra push here (no rice etc) but ultimately once that primary goal is achieved, we hope to keep being moderate and make healthy living a habit, something that is already in the subconcious mind, something that doesn't need any conscious effort.  - A LIFESTYLE.

Lets do this Mr!

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