On Wedding Make Up Part II

1:44:00 PM

I once wrote about wedding make up artist prior to my wedding day here. Now after the wedding, I'd like to say:

If you want natural beautiful make up, then Forget Sue Cantik, Forget Ayang Kamell. Forget all these 4 digits heavy make up artists.

Choose Cassandra Lim. She enhances your features without making you look like a different person. You'll look good: both in reality and also in cameras. She's soo nice and friendly and you can feel her sincerity in carrying out her work. She doesn't overcharge you. She gives great beauty tips prior to the wedding day. She keeps you calm. You want simple natural make up? You want your future husband to still recognize you during the wedding day? Then it's Cassandra Lim.That's her forte, her speciality.

NOTE: To view the rest of the wedding photographs, please click the following link:

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