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Oh wow! I'm married! I'm married! Weeeehooooo!

Alhamdulillah, it has officially been 3 weeks since I got married to Mr.

Wedding preparation went well, the wedding itself too, alhamdulillah.

Glad and deeply thankful to my parents: a superb combo for organizing a DIY wedding. EVERYTHING, from the pelamin, to the lighthings, PA system, live video feed, decoration, hantarans, door gifts.. all of them were done by my parents, siblings, cousins, aunties, uncles and friends. Lucky and blessed to have such wonderful multi-talented family.

Marriage life has been wonderful. The feeling of solat jemaah with your husband and then sometimes, a ta'lim  session (Mr reads to me a certain part of an Islamic book or a certain part of the Quran tafsir and we discuss about it) , the feeling of waking up with someone to greet me "good morning" rightaway, and the free pillowtalk sessions...its hard to explain this feeling of peacefulness and contentment.

Mr., suprisingly is even more romantic after marriage than before. Before, he is the 'lepak-lepak' type of boyfriend but after marriage, I'm just shocked and deeply happy to see this side of him.

Many say that this is the usual after marriage...they say "Wait till you see the dark side of him.." or "Wait till u reach your 6 months anniversary..." or "Wait after a year..." and I tell myself, "Oh well.. let's enjoy the moment as it is and don't expect too much or too less for what's next...don't expect!".
Mr tells me that "No matter what, there will always be ups and downs... we always need to pray and have faith in Allah,". So, why worry on something that hasn't happen yet right?

Oh how I wish to receive more positive statements from the married ones than the negative ones. Honestly, the positive statements that I've received are from those married for 20-30 years. Maybe.. they've passed the 'ups and downs' era and are now enjoying the company of each other.

I read a book, in which I recommend all of the soon-to-be-brides to read. It's called "A Gift for the Muslim Bride" by Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed. It made me understand better the role and responsibility of a muslim wife. It's actually quite straight forward: Our main role is to bring our husband to Jannah.  Then of course, comes explanations on how to do so...in which needs to be explained in a little more detail. So I try my best to keep that in mind..and remind myself that all the time.

May all wives understand their role deeply and carry them out well. Amin :)

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  1. "Wait till you see the dark side of him.."

    I've been married for over a year and it's still beautiful! The husband is still, and even more amazing. ;-)

    So, what "dark side"? ;-)

    Have fun, Erin. Time with our spouses is indeed beautiful. :-)


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