Walk The Talk baybeh!

3:09:00 PM

When we give donations to the poor, do we understand how being poor really feels like?

When we see mothers with feeding their children by the roadside of Jalan Masjid India, have we wondered how it feels like to live in the streets?

We complain so much! Money is never enough. Food is never tasty enough. The weather is just too hot.
We never take the time to ponder, and appreciate what God has given us - something that the less unfortunate wish and pray for.

Mr and some other friends are on a mission this weekend. They wanna experience the life of the poor for a day. They wanna live in the streets for a night.

Come support and join them! They'll be leaving Bukit Jalil area around 9pm. If interested, pls contact him at 012-331-5322.     

Don't just talk! Walk the Talk!

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