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There's always that life-changing event that you look forward to in life.

When I was in high school, I was excited to enter university. I knew it was gonna be the time of my life - freedom - which I agree, it was. The only pressure was just exams. Other than that? I was organizing events. I went to musicals and concerts and hung out with friends whenever I want. Life was free and easy.

Then I was ready to start earning money, to be able to achieve my material dreams in life - travelling, shopping, investments, business. Which also came in the same package with credit card bills, fuel, paying for my own meals and all these other responsibilities - daughter, colleague, employee, sister.

Now comes this other event that I'm really looking forward to: marriage. I'm all excited to get married and I also wonder, how much exciting can it be after? Will it be just like all these other events? After one, then another - maybe the next event to look forward to is having kids? And then your son's first day in school? Or is this THE START of this second phase of journey in life? Like, all these while, it was you + other responsibilities and then now, it's going to be you + him + other responsibilities? Like life is separated into two: your life before and your life after marriage? Is this the beginning?

I want to be married to Mr. because I want to share this other journey of my life with him. I want to be able to take random air asia flights and travel with him, quarrel, cry and laugh with him, get to know Allah better with him, save more money with him, have free pillow talks with him, and when ready, to have cute beautiful babies with him! Heeeee ;)

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  1. i was ur silent reader during your previous blog. somehow, i kinda feel sad knowing that u no longer with your then boyfriend cos i remember reading your old blog and admire both of you.really love reading things bout u n him. guess god has its own way of setting things out.


  2. hi nad :)

    thanks for your compliment. trust me, you're not the only one sad. most of my friends feel the same too. although things were going pretty okay for us, somehow god has other plans instead. even a 4yrs relationship may not end up in marriage.

    hope that u will stick around and read on the journey of me n my soon to be husband though :)


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