On Headaches.

2:32:00 PM

You know how people complain of dizziness? Like the head is pumping and beating? I've gone through that a couple of times, and its usually due to signs of fever, or too much sleep, or lack of water.

I've also heard of people complaining that their head is spinning. That I've never gone through, other than repeatedly turning myself around 360degrees of course.

However, for the past few days, this has happened to me twice. I stand up, and then I cannot walk straight because everything else around me seems to move around like waves. I try taking a step forward, and then I feel like falling down. My head doesn't hurt at all. I just cannot walk straight, like there's an earthquake happening or something, everything else seems to be moving. I take a few more steps, sit down, drink some water, and then everything is back to normal.

Weird. Dr. Ezyana. Help!

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