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11:52:00 AM

I just completed reading a book, " The Soul of A Butterfly" from Muhammad Ali and Hana Yasmeen Ali. I was amazed and touched by Muhammad Ali. The words, ideology and thinking is great. It makes me wonder, if he embraced Islam and were proud to his new religion, what am I then? I was born a Muslim and still a Muslim. What have I done that shows that I am a Muslim?

How touching is that?As a Muslim, I am touched and vows to be a better Muslims. Being a true Muslim will not bring me backwards but I believe that God is with me to the better path of my life. I believe Islam will lead me to a place where I have not been. A place of greatness which I have been looking for.

I have been enjoying reading books lately and I guess I should start reading Holy Quran, Tafseer, The Autobiography of Muhammad and his followers. I vow not be a robot and being dictate by someone. I can listen but NOT to be dictate. Only God can dictate me.

The fear towards mankind should be wiped away. No matter how big, rich, intelligent someone is, only He is Great and that's why He is the Almighty.

Well, I am not a pious or a changed person. Don't change. Change will lead to catastrophe as what has been faced by me. Look for inspirations and motivations daily. There are many honestly.

God created people for reasons. Messi, Muhammad Ali and Lance Amstrong for example, they are great athletes who inspires millions of sport fans due to their unique character. Wealth, fame and glories does not bother them. They inspire with their discipline and character. All of em' believe in God. It shows that whoever believe in God and has a good heart, they will not crumble no matter what.

Our life is too short too complain and brag. Let's change the way we see at things and be thankful for once. No matter what religion we are, we are all praying to the same Al-Mighty. Let's smile and do good deeds starting from today.

Small changes, big differences.

Happy Friday all!

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