Too young to invest in property?

4:09:00 PM

It all started with Mr's idea for us to invest in property. I've been doing a lot of research on popular websites like Mudah & iProperty to find out what's the market price like. I've also been asking around a lot on what's the best strategy. We viewed a few apartments already but none really suit our requirements.

So last night, I went to view another apartment in Subang Jaya. This time I brought the investor expert, my mom. She initially asked me, "Why do you need to buy one now?" "Because it's a good investment ma! And you should check out this deal here..." and I continued explaining to her on the price etc. So still, she accompanied me in viewing the apartment, without any intention of being interested at all.

My mom is the best when it comes to investing and saving money. I know she is the master when it comes to $$$.

"So how ma? It's a pretty good deal right?," I asked her after the viewing appointment. "This is actually a really good deal you have here, but you're too young for this lah. There's risks. You're getting married soon, why don't you focus on that first?"

"The younger the better. Less commitments. Less responsibilities. The duration for bank loan can be maximised thus smaller amount of money to pay per month, and higher monthly profit, right? And since I'm getting married soon, I'm gonna start having family commitments, the more reason to start investing now right?"

Right? Or am I not right?

It's a risk. But should I take it? I still need to think and further discuss with Mr. and my parents on this.

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  1. Beza sungguh your mom and my dad... by now i dah ada kete and a studio apartment under my name.. tp studio tu start bayar bila dah siap..

    My dad always tell me to invest before i have more commitment. He's a banker so i trust his judgement. Then again, he also told me not to shop so much and save more for rainy days.. *guilty*

    Truth is, with the lifestyle and cost of living nowadays, it's very hard to save. So, i opted for an investment plan that covers health and savings. I think that is the first to invest on when you start working. Pastu kalau nak struggle sikit on a property bole.

    I rasa selagi u belom ada anak, you can manage kot. Once dah ada anak nnt lg byk kena pk. Food, education, clothings, pampers, medical, their social entertainment, and the list goes on and on. *calculating how much i used to spend as a student..Erk!*

    Nk mesin cap duit....

  2. Your have a car and a studio apartment under you name? Cool Nadrah! That's so wow! I don't even have a car pun lagi! Hehe.

  3. Beli barang pkai duit bank... lom pape dah byk utang... luckily they have this loan yg u start paying bila rumah dah siap...


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