There's been a death in my family.

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On Saturday noon, while I was attending Mr’s best friend’s wedding, Mom called informing me that my uncle had just fell down and was in critical condition in University Hospital.

Right after the wedding, I came back home, showered and left to the hospital with my younger sister. Uncle had haemorrhage (blood pressure in the brain) and when he fell down, it burst. Doctor informed that there was nothing that can be done that we just had to wait and be prepared.

We were at the emergency ward and the atmosphere was very sad and depressing. Only a few were allowed in at a time thus most of us were gathering outside. When I went in, I saw my aunty (Mak Teh) standing strong with a friend, talking to her. My cousin was reading the surah Yassin and so I joined her too.

On Sunday night, he passed away.

Mak Teh is a wonderwoman. I think she has very strong imaan that she accepts whatever it is that is happening. She was very calm and strong throughout the whole weekend, that none of us dared to even cry in front of her. Her strength gave her daughter and her siblings strength too. This is the first funeral that I’ve attended, where only a few teared; and mind you, only teared, and not cried.  In Islam, we are not encouraged to cry in front of the deceased (in public) or even worst turn hysteria. We have to accept that this is Allah’s decision and it’s the best for everyone. We need to redha – meaning wholeheartedly accept to the decision to what Allah has decided upon. And to be redha, you need that strong imaan – that strong believe and faith in Allah.

I was also surprised with how reliable my dad’s siblings were. All of them were there at the hospital, supporting this sister of theirs. Never once, was Mak Teh left alone. When my uncle passed, each and every one tried their best in assisting wherever they can. Some read the Quran, some helped rearranging furnitures at her house and place carpets for guests, some bought food and drinks, some handled the funeral processes, some informed others about the news, some stayed over Mak Teh’s and some just supported her and her daughter emotionally.

I was also very very proud of my younger sister Mira, who did a very good job in taking care of Mak Teh’s only grandchild throughout the whole weekend. She distracted her when everyone was busy preparing the funeral. She watched cartoon, played Ipad and slept with her. She even had to answer all her questions:

“What is wrong with Tok Wan?” “Will Tok Wan come back after he jumpa Tuhan?” “Tok Wan tak miss Alya ke?” “Alya nak tunjuk Tok Wan baju baru Alya” “Alya takut laaa,”

Death is a reminder to all of us still living. All these money and power that we’re chasing, at the end of the day, none will be brought to the hereafter other than 3 things:
  1. Son’s prayers for his/her parents
  2. Charity given throughout his living
  3. Knowledge shared throughout his living

We don’t know when Allah will take our life away. We need to be in a ready state every minute. Have a balance between life now and the life hereafter.

Have you prayed already?

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