I won! I won!

9:45:00 AM

I was listening to Fly FM yesterday morning, and heard about the #tweetdrive challenge. I've never been lucky when it comes to competition but still I told myself, "Lets try winning one of these challenges. I'm gonna listen to Fly FM in the office today,"

And so as I was doing my work, I heard Hunny Madu announced that the latest challenge is to "Take a picture of yourself with today's edition of NST newspaper,". So I ran to the Human Resource office, saw a colleague behind me and said to him, "SAMEER! Take a picture of me!" and handed him my phone. "HUH??" "Just take my pic! QUICKKK!".

With his clueless reaction, he reluctantly took my picture:

I quickly twitpic the picture to FlyFM, not forgetting to hashtag #tweetdrive. A few seconds later, Hunny Madu tweeted that "It has to be a creative picture". Arghhhh..think.. think..and then the most brilliant idea came into my head:

How's that on being creative?!? Huh? Huh? Thanks to Photo Layout & Diptic Ipad apps, I edited the picture in just 2 minutes and resend my twitpic to them.

Hunny Madu direct message (DM) me on Twiiter "Babe, you number now now now now!" and then I knew I won! I WON BAYBEEHHHH! I was shouting & screaming on air - saja tambah ajinomoto - and this is now mine:


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