Unwanted Facebook Friend Requests

11:58:00 AM

Too too many FB friend requests.

Those that I don't know - fair enough, reject them.

But what about those that I've only met once or twice? Some friends of my siblings (sibuk jer!) Some friends of friends.  Aiyaa how lah? I don't want you to know too much from FB.

Think I'm going to create a filter for all these acquaintances - limited profile. All of them!


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  1. haha had to agree the part where sibling's friends pun nak add.. memang sibuk ! hehe

  2. Kak Erin, limited profile works very well. Because I have like 3 different profiles for family, friends and teachers or the likes. You can control who see your wall post, tagged photos and even uploaded albums. And you can also restrict them from seeing your info, groups, and friend list. :) Privacy is the key! xx Love your blog! Read alot of informative things such as Islamic studies and etc. I'm also learning! hihihi -Xtinefling

  3. Thanks for dropping by Christine! Glad that you love reading this and even better, learning! :D


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