My Thoughts on the Recent Malaysia Racial Issues.

10:28:00 AM

It has only been the first week of Ramadhan, yet there are already two racial news that have been popularly talked among us Malaysians to test our patience.

First of all, was the 8tv ramadhan advertisement:

And then, it was the JAIS Church Raid controversy,

There's just a lot of other news reported in the papers everyday, but we CHOOSE to talk and discuss on these racial issues. Both these news were not even prime news, but yet, we cannot runaway from highlighting them in our everyday discussions.

With the 1Malaysia concept, everyone expects race equality and rights, that even small petty racial/religion controversy can be very very sensitive. All it needs is just the media to report it. And then 'Bang!', everyone starts talking about it, creating more hatred among the public. Racial issues are being exploited!

We find faults in all these racial news. Suddenly, we cannot talk about our differences anymore? Suddenly we cannot talk about respecting each other's religion anymore? Why so sensitive? Are you telling me that one day, there won't be anymore Hari Raya or Chinese New Year celebration but just 1Malaysia celebration?

Due to our differences in religion practices, lifestyle & customs, we cannot deny that we are all, a little bit racist. Even in the States or everywhere else in the world, they may not show it, but they too are a little bit racist, just a little bit, racist. It's natural. We are all human beings.

Sometimes, I believe that we should all acknowledge our differences, and try understanding and tolerating each other - then respect will come too. ACCEPT, TOLERATE and RESPECT.

The way we handle these news so far is just very very disappointing. Even more racial remarks are thrown to each other, publicly now, thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, this isn't the way towards a united Malaysia.

Bring me Harimau Malaya pls!

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