When i realized it's the time

11:18:00 AM

When I wake up and she's not next to me, I realized that it's time for me to think of something big.

I told her lets get married by this year and her feedback is very positive.

After dating so many girls, this is the woman that believes in me. Guess what, the most important thing in a relationship is believe. She, someone who is fun, cool, smart and nice, can i get the same from others? I doubt that.

Good opportunities don't come often. I believe this is it. Should I wait? Shouldn't i?

Getting married is an opportunity to share and spread the love. Build a life from scratch. Ain't that something to look forward? Is life complete when u have money, big house, posh cars? Other people will have different views. For me, life is complete when I have met my soulmate. Someone that can be my lover and someone that can be my friend.

People always say our relationship is kind of funny and seems like a 'love-hate-relationship'. I told her that the most important thing in a relationship is to be true to oneself. Don't pretend to be nice or extra clingy if she's not. I even allow her to curse and yell when necessary. Maybe that's me. I am simple but sophisticated. Guess she can handle me after going through all the hardship in less than a year.

What I can see is, something is going to happen soon.

Will keep on updating about the next step soon...

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