What if ...

4:16:00 PM

What if… What could have happened…what, what and what

How many times have we heard this from other people or we ourselves said this.

Me myself, though I know I could have done better if not for the too much de-tour in life, I rarely used the ‘what if’.

Things that has already past can never be changed. It will remain in the history book.

Moving forward, instead of applying or using the ‘ what if’ in life, why not practice ‘ what can I do next’.

Guess this is much better and it can improve the way we look at things.

Great people will always strive for the future instead of crying and complaining of the past. Past will remain past. It's only in the Hollywood movies where they showed we can change the past. Whatever that has happened, take it as a lesson and additional experience. Experience is expensive. We can buy it. We can only feel it.

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