Revival of The Harimau Malaya

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TODAY, 13th July 2011, Malaysian football team will be up against the so called- Barca of the Premier League. This is the 1st Game of the Asia Tour by the other giants such as Chelsea F.C and Liverpool F.C. This tour is very good for our football team as for the first time after 20 years, we are in the second round of the 2014 World Cup qualifying.

Looking at the current scenario, the numbers of Malaysian supporter has risen as compared to the previous years. Our revival started in 2009 when we won the the Laos Sea Games by beating Vietnam, 1-0. Consequently, we also won the Suzuki Cup in 2010 by beating our arch rivals, Indonesia. Honestly speaking, I haven't been watching or following the Malaysian league since 1994. When talking about football, I only watch games involving Manchester United, Barcelona, Argentina and so on. Isn't it irony for Malaysian to actually support other countries instead of their own countries?

Thanks to our glory in those two tournaments, it made me realized that footballers needs fan. Without a strong fan base, they won't have the same spirit like the other football team in the world. Football is a game played by 11 players against another 11 and can be witness by thousands of fans. Just imagine if the 100,000 capacity in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil is packed by our supporters, I would strongly say that these players will play wholeheartedly.

We might lack a lot of technical aspects but with the high team spirit, impossible is nothing. We have showed in 70's and 80's that we are one of the respected team in Asia and even qualified for the 1980 Moscow Olympic though we actually opted to boycott the Game. History has shown that Malaysia can actually play.

With our current team being so called Harimau Malaya or well known as Malaya Tiger, I believe we can triumph once again.
Satukanlah Tekad Semangatmu
Kami Rela..Korban Nyawa
Demi Daulat Negara Tercinta (ulang balik dari mula sampai abis)
Ayuh Bangkit Bersama
Demi Nusa Dan Bangsa
Kan Ku Julang Namamu Oh Tanah Airku
Malaysia Yang Satu
Kan Kujulang Namamu Oh Tanah Airku
Malaysia Yang Satu

This are just two songs taken from the UltraMalayas. Come on Malaysia. Put away all our hatred towards the government and let's have fun celebrate / support the revival of our Malaysian Football Team. Without us, there are no roar of Harimau Malaya that can be heard in the Nasional Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Ole! Ole! Ole! Berjuanglang wahai pemain- pemain Malaysia. Kamulah wakil B.E.R.S.IH kerana kamu menyatukan kaum-kaum di Malaysia untuk bersama- sama menyokong pasukan negara!

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