Rainforest World Music Festival 2011

12:38:00 PM

I'm in Kuching yo! Staying over at my high school friend's place (sue) with another 3 girlfriends. It has become a mini-gathering.

My high school friends memang terbaik - no matter how long we've not seen each other, we can just hit things off just like that. Terbaik!

Anyways, the 1st day of rainfest was awesome! With mixtures of music from different continents of the world; from the traditional iban music to the drums of brazil and the folk and blues songs of USA and the fiddle music of Scandinavia.

The peak for me last night was during the performance of a group from south italy. I couldn't understand a single word they sang but the rhythm and off-beats of their songs were awesome! I was jumping and skipping and dancing and sweating. Gila. The power of music. Boleh khayal!

Will be going for the second day today. Looking forward for more khayal-ness!

Dirah and Me - 5 years of classmates,4 more years of Sydney uni days and still friends..

13 years of frienship and still counting!

Check out the crowd!
P/s: I love how I can update my blog anywhere - thanks to my new ipad2 hihi ;)

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