Ntv7 Feel Good Run

3:24:00 PM

Yesterday, I completed my first run - 3km - with stops hehe. Met a lot of friends along the way, "Eh..hi!...Eh..hi!" Wasn't quite confident at first, and then I realized that 3km isn't that far after all.

Mr. was fast! Of course being the nice bf, he accompanied me for the first 1km. The second I met a friend of mine along the way, he was gone in a flash! (exageratting here hehe) Mesti dalam kepala "Adoii... lembabnya gf aku ni....."

Me & Mr - notice who's holding the medal? Hihi

Me with some of our colleagues.
I have to admit that I'm not fit - low stamina level. But looking at everyone else there, I am very motivated to build up my stamina now onwards. I wanna join the next run and complete it without stopping! I can do thissssss! I can keep up with u Mr! ;)

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  1. Woohoo!!! you completed your run! how long erin? i managed in slightly over 20 mins.. kaki panjang mesti cepat... apa la u dtg lambat... if not can run w me and take pictures.. we're the healthier normah beauties.. :p Btw, next year jom la relay for life.. In remembrance of Abg and our family members who faught against cancer...


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