Merisik story

2:18:00 PM

I had a brief discussion yesterday with my parents. We were discussing about the possibilities of me getting married this year. My mom told me that she has no problem if I want to get married.

"ok, if u want to merisik, go and buy the ring. Just buy the plain ring which cost around RM 200 - RM 400" mom said.

So the first step of me getting married is to get the merisik ring which is known as the belah rotan. Belah rotan ring is just a simple ring which is known as cincin tanda. I think I'll buy the ring buy this week.

Merisik should be a simple event whereby both families sit together for a discussion and getting to know at the same time. I believe this is the most important step when getting married. From the outcome of the talk, you will then decide whether should you or shouldn't you proceed. For me, I look it that way. If the process of merisik is smooth, then I believe it should be less problem for the next steps.

Based on my research, during the merisik part, the guys should bring a long some fruits, sweets or any gifts. Its not compulsory but more on the public relations between both families.

I was thinking of doing the merisik by this week itself but it seems that my request has been turned down by my parents. They said its better to do during the Ramadhan or after raya. Well, for me, anything is acceptable. The longer time I have, the better it is. Why? More money to save and more time to enjoy my bachelorhood period.

Long Hair, short hair,
Small tummy to big tummy,
From La Bodega to Bandung,
From Klang to Subang,
From UiTM to Sydney,
The more we think the crazy we become,

When I see you, I see myself,
When I sleep, I dream of you,
When I stink, I think of you,
When I'm hungry, I think of you,
It's annoying how much you have been part of the system...

Merisk, Bertunang etc....
I have problems with people,
Either i wait or I lose you,
I'd rather faced all this fear for a journey around the world with you!

Tomei, Habib Jewel, Tiffany & Co,
Cheap, Expensive and Luxury,
Whichever that I buy from, it comes from the heart,
Your precious finger can only be fitted with something nice and precious,
I will definitely take the time to get from the best!

So long...The day is getting nearer..I can feel the heat inside me. My palm is sweating. My mind is thinking of many things! How I wish I am 18 rather than 28...

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