Random masjid-hopping

8:00:00 AM

Yesterday evening, Mr. excitedly invited me and the kids to go for a walk at the lake nearby our house. And there I was, very low on energy, on my 3rd day of fasting, contemplating very hard on whether I should do it or not. But the kids were excited, so this Mommy had to take all the energy that's left and go for that walk.  It didn't turned out that bad after all :)

Later on in the evening, we all went to the masjid to break our fast, together with my mom and my sisters. We all shared a big talam (plate) of briyani rice with 4 pieces of chicken sambal and a handful of fried paru (lung) with some salad at the side. Quite a nice experience to sit around the talam and eating together. Talam was supposed to be shared by 4 people. There were 5 of us, and another 2 kids, but alhamdulillah, we all had enough portion - probably the effect of barakah - everyone was full.

And then we talked about how the masjid in Bukit Jelutong (about 15mins away from our place) always have nice moreh (supper) and then just like that, we decided to head over there for our Isya' and Terawikh prayers. Kononnya masjid-hopping, because we've also tried 2 different mosques during these first 3 days of Ramadhan heeeeeeee.

The masjid in Bukit Jelutong was sooo meriah! Macam hari raya! There were soo many people, the masjid was very lively, tents were put up for people to break their fast and eat moreh after their prayers, trees were light up with those Christmas-lights. Carpets were also placed outside at the walkway for people to pray because it was to full inside. MasyaAllah - hidupnya masjid ni, meriahnya suasananya.

Since we were late, of course we had to pray outside - with no air-cond - but the good thing is, the kids get to play at the small play area where they could see me. After the isya's prayers, there was a short tazkirah, reminding us on the meaning of Ramadhan. And then, the terawikh prayers started.

The imam chose to cut the surahs between the rakaats, instead of finishing one full long surah per-rakaat. The good thing about that is, that we don't get our mind distracted elsewhere, trying to focus on a long surah. And I think, the other good thing is, school kids and young working adults get to go back early, and even if the working adults stayed on, it is very possible to complete 8 rakaats too.

8 rakaats of terawikh ended in 25minutes, at 9.30pm, so if some would like to stayed on, it will only be until about 10pm, which is still okay. The masjid in SS15 Subang ends its 4 rakaat of terawikh at 10pm, so staying on will be a little too late.

So I said to Mr, I think my theory of why there are many people here is because:
1. Short recitations
2. Nice moreh! - we had bihun tomyam for moreh  - but the masjid 15 food is better!

What is your take? Do you agree on shorter terawikh prayers? I know longer is better, spiritually. But being practical, I just think shorter is better, for the whole community.

So, which masjid next?

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