On Chances and Opportunities.

7:13:00 AM

I don't know about you, but for me when I was younger, I've always perceived that my future husband, should be my imam. So before getting married to Mr, I looked forward for the day that I will be his makmum. So on the first night of our marriage, I still remember it clearly until now, that feeling of happiness, when we prayed Isya' together, and then we make du'a, for a blessed marriage, and then I will kiss his hand and then he kissed my forehead (macam drama TV3 la pulak...insert some romantic song) and then years after, life happened, and prayers are done individually, only occasionally in congregation.

So the second night of Ramadhan, after breaking fast, we both took our wudhu' and was about to make our own prayers, that I said "You jadik imam je la," - "Hah, okay," - and then we do the usual du'a after prayers, and then 'I kiss his hand and he kissed my forehead' still happened but in a more fast-forward version, without any romantic songs. Haha. That is what happened after 7 years of marriage guysssss....but that is not the point here.

I spent sometime to reflect after, and then I realized how many chances Allah has given us to multiple our rewards (i.e pahala) and how we're wasting them and not taking those chances. Something as simple as congregational prayers (i.e solat jemaah) for instance, can be done with your closest family members, daily, and your rewards are multiplied, daily. The ramadhan month, all your good deeds and ibadah, they are all multiplied, this whole month, and yet we find excuses not to do the extras.

And then I started reflecting on our business, and realized also that, many doors have been opened for us alhamdulillah. But are we really grabbing the opportunity? There's just so many chances and opportunity out there, and here we are, giving excuses like "no time" and "too tired" - giving priorities on the wrong thing. Is this our overall attitude in life? How are we going to succeed in being the best of the bests? The creamest of the creamest? In business and in being a muslim.

There are Muslims in other part of the world, in a warzone, and some other parts, being punished and tortured for practicing Islam, and here we are, given the freedom and the time to collect as much points, yet we're not utilizing it. This is the best shortcut to all the sins we've done, as a human.

Time waits for no man. One day, it will be our time. Lets grab all the opportunities we can, starting with the Ramadhan month !

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