Haywire routine.

6:54:00 AM

Haywire, that's how my routine has been this past one week.

Last weekend, we had a bazaar, and after quite sometime not joining a bazaar, I have to say, we were quite 'karat'. Setting up and down was slow. Stocks kelam kabut. But alhamdulillah, sales were good.

But because the bazaar ended at 11pm, for two nights, we reached home to our kids around 12.30 midnight, when they were already asleep. And then waking up early in the morning again the next day.

Just post bazaar, on Monday, we decided to take things slow a little, and started our day a bit later, with the kids skipping school to spend some time with us. But on Tuesday, after picking up Luqman from school, he started vomitting and had a temperature, so on Wednesday, I had to stay home with him to monitor him.

Just as he was getting better on Thursday evening, Kakak Aisya started fever-ish, and was down the next day. Now, is already Sunday, and she's been vomitting for the past two days. Told ourselves if she vomits again today, then she will have to be admitted. Luqman on the other hand, who was looking better, suddenly down with fever again last night.

So, you can imagine how my resting and sleeping has been since last weekend. I've been waking up 2 -3 times at night. I even choose to sleep late, by sitting next to the kids, while watching some series, just to make sure that they're calmly asleep, no hike in temperature, then only I'll go to sleep. And then to wake up at 5 also for sahur, and then Luqman will wake up too, and then I'll be too tired, I'll go to sleep and then wake up again, shocked that it's already almost 10am in the morning.

But you know what, I'm a mother first, then only a business owner. So, work had to be my second priority, squeezing in whenever possible.

But my health, that's something I need to monitor too.

Looking forward for yoga this morning to bring that positive vibe!

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