Exercise? Where do I start?

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If you refer to my post here, about 5 months ago, I realized that I've gained some weight. Something that is a shock to me, because all these years, my weight's been quite the same, no matter how much I ate. I've heard of mothers struggling to lose weight post-pregnancy, however for me, I actually lost 3kgs due to breast-feeding and lack of sleep but now after 1 year after I've stopped breastfeeding my youngest, I have gained 7kgs.

Last two weeks, I randomly did a body-scan, and then saw some insights on my body. Yes, gained 7kgs (alhamdulillah still there, not gaining more), but my body muscle falls in the 'under' range  while my body fat falls under the "above" range. What's worst, my visceral fat (fat around the organs) is also high. Seeee --- who says that just because I look thin, I'm healthy? I may look thin because of my height and my very-kurus wrist, but underneath all that 'abaya', 'jubah' and oversized shirts, you see flabby tummy and a big big hip.

So I asked Mr, what do I really have to do to work on my tummy and thigh. I've googled and YouTube and there's just so many out there. Where do I start? Do I have to get all those equipments that they've shown? I'm not used to the word exercise, and so this is quite daunting to me LOL. He said "Why don't you ask Coach Fareed?"

Coach Fareed is a dear friend of Mr - who has also trained and guided him to lose weight these past couple of months. Mr. have lost 6kgs after 2 months of training, alhamdulillah.

I took the opportunity to asked him and got some feedbacks.

I have a high metabolic rate - which is why I don't easily gained weight all these while- no matter how much I ate. However, I am now in my 30s, and so, my metabolic rate has gone lower, but since I maintained the same way of eating, my weight will now show.

I was told not to bother about all these infos on the internet, which can be quite overwhelming, but to do just this:

Walk, just walk don't run, but don't pause in between - for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, consistently for one month.

He said that as a mom, who's also got a business to run, this activity can easily be done, also with kids. Let them ride on a bicycle with you, or walk together.

Once I've succeeded with that, then only move on to other exercises (or not) because according to him, just that can also make me lose weight. Also to monitor on my food intake.

Following the sunnah of the Prophet who also loved to walk in a fast pace, and to make sure we stop eating before we feel full.

Sounds easy and achieve-able.

So last Sunday, I did that. I walked around the lake near our house, 3 rounds altogether - which totalled up to about 40 minutes instead. I should stick to 2 rounds next time. However, that 3 rounds of walk seemed like forever for me. But you know what helped? Someone's 'Good Music' playlist on Spotify and also the constant chanting my head that says "You gotta get out of that comfort zone to be able to succeed!"

Some say you need 30 days to develop a new habit or to change. Some say 60 days. I will start with 30 days. Wish me luck!

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